The Centre has finalized the Cost of AML/CTPF Compliance Survey.


The Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) is cognizant of the fact that there is need for constant engagements with reporting entities on factors that impact compliance to AML/CTPF requirements. These factors present both opportunities and challenges for competent authorities and reporting entities in their common goal of combating financial crimes in Zambia. It is the intention of the FIC that the opportunities provided by these factors be leveraged to further the effectiveness of the country’s Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing and Proliferation Financing (ML/TF/PF) combating ability. Conversely, the challenges presented by these factors should be brought to the fore and clearly known by both the regulators and reporting entities, enable consented efforts in overcoming the challenges and/or mitigating their negative impact.

Further, it is the intention of the FIC that this publication will assist reporting entities with planning and resourcing their AML/CTPF compliance efforts, and allowing them to benchmark their own approaches and practices to the wider AML/CTPF compliance industry in Zambia.


Full Report can downloaded in the link below.